Concrete Patios

We are famous for our work on concrete patios.

How Much for Concrete Driveway?

  • Plain Concrete | $8-15 sq/ft.
  • Coloured Concrete | $9-18 sq/ft.
  • Exposed Aggregate | $9-20 sq/ft.
  • Stamped Concrete | $12-25 sq/ft.
  • Prices include everything from removal/excavation to final clean up.
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Concrete Walkways by Nice Guy Concrete

A concrete patios offers a durable solution with less maintenance. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is an investment that will add to your property value. We install concrete patios in new construction; and in the case you already have a concrete patios, we offer concrete removal so we can create a brand new look for your home. What goes underneath the concrete is as important as the concrete pouring and levelling, so as to not create weak spots in the concrete. Nice Guy Concrete ensures that the preparation of your concrete patios foundation is level. We pay great attention to detail to ensure that you are delivered a long lasting product.

Concrete is durable and can stand up to a range of weather conditions found across the country .Whereas traditional pavers and cobblestone settle unevenly during the freeze/thaw cycle of winter, exposed concrete is reinforced with 3/8-inch steel reinforcing rods placed 24 inches on-center-each-way, right in the middle of the concrete. This steel reinforcement gives the concrete the necessary tensile strength to resist the constant heaving produced by the freezing and thawing of the ground. Concrete is also better than pavers and cobblestone in spring and summer. Pavers and cobblestones are susceptible to joint deterioration if sand is not constantly brushed into all the joints. This joint deterioration results in ant hills, growth of unsightly grass and weeds and produces dangerous tripping hazards when the individual pavers settle unevenly.