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We are famous for our work on plain concrete patios. No job is too big, or too small. We combine the latest technology in removal and installation techniques with the experience, care, and know how. There are many different options a customer can choose from when considering what is best for their home, both aesthetically and in terms of added value to their residence.

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Plain Concrete by Nice Guy Concrete

Standard brush finish or broom finished concrete has been used for many years and provide a durable, high-traction surface. A good broom finish is something of an art. You can even create decorative effects by running the broom texture in various directions. This is the standard method of concrete finishes provided throughout the world today and can be utilized on any surface to provide a sturdy non-slip environment for years to come. A brush finish surface can also be colored or have the sides and the control jointing re-tooled or traced to give it a sharp look.

As a concrete walkway and concrete driveway contractor in Milton, we feel that driveways and walkways are important features of any home or company since they bring guests in and set the tone for the interior design. For good reason, concrete is a popular choice for driveways. It is long-lasting and needs minimal upkeep.

Concrete driveways are more costly than gravel and asphalt driveways, but they are less expensive than paver driveways. Plain concrete has a drab look, but it may be colored and stamped to produce a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching surface.

Residential pavements, such as driveways, pathways, and patios, serve to offer safe and convenient access onto and around a house. Concrete is often utilized not just to offer a long-lasting paving surface, but also to integrate a variety of aesthetic finishes to match the home's style and landscape.