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We specialize in creating beautiful and durable Limestone finish driveways and patios that require little maintenance.

Concrete with a Regular Sandblast Finish has a number of advantages.

  • Chemical additions give concrete a harder surface, which increases its lifetime and durability.
  • Increases the property's resale value

Limestone Finish Sandblast by Nice Guy Concrete

We believe that driveways and patios are key elements of any property as your Limestone finish contractor. Limestone finish is a relatively current concrete choice for driveways, and with good reason. It is long-lasting and requires little maintenance.

Regular Sandblast Finish Concrete is extremely adaptable and contrasts wonderfully with other ornamental concretes like Stamped Concrete and Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Sandblasting is one of the several techniques for textured hardened concrete surfaces. Blasting can range from light cleaning to a deep cutting procedure that results in a limestone finish.

Limestone Concrete is a multi-stage process that produces a finished surface that resembles limestone. The end product is a very smooth and clean finish with excellent anti-slip characteristics.

What is Limestone Finish Sandblast?

Limestone Finish Sandblast is a type of concrete finish that uses sandblasting techniques to create a textured surface that resembles limestone. This finish is long-lasting and has excellent anti-slip characteristics, making it a popular choice for driveways and patios.

How is Limestone Finish Sandblast created?

Limestone Finish Sandblast is a multi-stage process that involves using sandblasting techniques to create a textured surface on the concrete. The end product is a very smooth and clean finish that resembles limestone. Our team at Nice Guy Concrete is highly skilled in creating Limestone Finish Sandblast driveways and patios that will enhance the curb appeal of any property.

Why choose Nice Guy Concrete for your Limestone Finish Sandblast project?

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