Concrete and Interlocking Sealing

We are famous for our work on concrete/interlocking driveway and patios sealing.

How Much for Concrete Sealing?

  • Plain Concrete | Don't Seal Plain
  • Exposed Aggregate | $1-4 sq/ft.
  • Stamped Concrete | $1-4 sq/ft.
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Concrete and Interlocking Sealing by Nice Guy Concrete

Preserve, protect and enhance your concrete driveway, patios and walkways with Nice Guy Concrete Sealing. Our high solids concrete sealer ensures longevity We are experts on preparations and formulated application for your specific concrete.

We understand that every part of your home matters. A lot of care goes into maintaining it, especially the hard surfaces such as the driveway, walkway and patio which are a major part of your home’s exterior. Keeping these surfaces clean and sealed improves the overall appearance of your home and protects your precious investment.

We provide affordable full-service cleaning and sealing of asphalt, concrete and interlock. It is important to re-seal hard surfaces every 2-3 years for protection against salt, chemicals and the environment, and to restore their original vibrant finish.

Concrete sealing is a very economical way of protecting your driveway, walkway or patio. At Nice Guy, we fully clean and seal these surfaces to protect them against salt, oils, grease, gasoline, and other stains, including rust. From concrete repairs to preparation to protective coatings, we offer a full range of services to keep your concrete surface protected and attractive for years to come.