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While many people think of concrete as a one-purpose material, our team at Nice Guy Concrete understands that it is much more than a walking or driving surface.

Once you’ve seen the quality that goes in to each step of your project, you’ll be glad you selected Nice Guy Concrete. Many of our returning customers are ecstatic to have us back to complete another job, because they know it will be done to perfection. We believe that nature’s beauty should be celebrated and made available to everyone, in all it’s forms, colours, and patterns.

We specialize in outdoor hard-scaping. We pride ourselves on efficient, clean installs and using the leading technologies and methods in our field. Concrete provides aesthetically pleasing curb appeal to the front of your home (steps, walkways, driveways, horseshoe around existing driveway, front porch , retaining walls, built in flower beds, etc), as well as an absolute oasis in your backyard (pool decks, patios, hot tub surfaces, retaining walls, etc). You pick your pattern, colour, shape/design with the help of our knowledgeable team, and we install.


For almost 15 years, Nice Guy Concrete has been the architectural leader in concrete paving. Nice Guy Concrete stands by three promises: superior quality, amazing prices, and prompt service.


Time and money are required for home building and renovations. You anticipate amazing results from the greatest and most trusted professionals. Nice Guy Concrete can provide you with those experts.

1-year Warranty

Our work is distinguished by great quality and meticulous attention to detail. We are your one-stop shop for all concrete needs, giving our customers the exceptional service and results they deserve!


We are fully Insured and Registered company in Ontario.
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