Nice Guy Concrete

1. Detailed Scope of Work

  • Nice Guy Concrete will perform specific concrete services as detailed in the project proposal or work order. This includes specifying the type of concrete work (e.g., pouring, finishing, stamping), the quality standards to be adhered to, and the use of any special materials or techniques. Each phase of the project will be outlined, from site preparation to the final finishing touches.

2. Payment Schedule

  • A structured payment schedule will be established for the project. This schedule will outline key milestones or stages in the project, with corresponding payment amounts due at the completion of each milestone. This ensures a clear understanding of payment expectations aligned with the progress of the work.

3. Change Order Process

  • In the event of changes to the initial scope of work, Nice Guy Concrete will provide a detailed change order process. This includes how changes are to be requested, reviewed, and approved, along with an adjustment of costs and timelines. The process ensures transparency and agreement on any modifications to the project scope.

4. Safety and Compliance

  • Nice Guy Concrete commits to upholding the highest safety standards in compliance with local, provincial, and federal regulations. This includes following specific safety protocols relevant to concrete work, ensuring the safety of workers and all individuals on site.

5. Client Responsibilities

  • The client is responsible for preparing the work area as per the guidelines provided by Nice Guy Concrete. This preparation includes clearing any obstacles, making timely decisions, and providing necessary approvals or feedback to facilitate the smooth execution of the project.

6. Dispute Escalation Procedures

  • Before resorting to mediation or arbitration, a dispute escalation procedure will be followed. This procedure involves direct negotiation between the parties, and if unresolved, escalation to senior management for further discussion and resolution.

7. Confidentiality Clause

  • Both parties agree to maintain confidentiality regarding any sensitive information exchanged during the course of the project. This clause ensures the protection of proprietary information, client privacy, and business interests.

8. Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

  • Nice Guy Concrete is committed to sustainable practices and environmental protection. This includes minimizing waste, responsible disposal of materials, and adherence to eco-friendly practices wherever feasible.

9. Right to Subcontract

  • Nice Guy Concrete reserves the right to subcontract certain aspects of the work to qualified subcontractors. This will be done without compromising the quality of work and in compliance with all contractual obligations.

10. Photography/Marketing Rights

  • Nice Guy Concrete may take photographs of the project (before, during, and after completion) for marketing and promotional purposes, while respecting the privacy and property rights of the client. Consent for such photography will be obtained in accordance with privacy laws.

11. Commencement and Completion of Work

  • The contractor, Nice Guy Concrete, will initiate the contracted work on the date specified as the “estimated start date”, which is detailed on the reverse side of this contractual document. This date signifies the commencement of our professional engagement.
  • The project is expected to reach completion on or before a predetermined deadline. The adherence to this timeline is of utmost importance in this agreement, reflecting our commitment to timely and efficient service.
  • In the event of delays resulting from factors outside the control of Nice Guy Concrete, such as adverse weather conditions, unanticipated material shortages, or other unforeseeable circumstances, the project timeline may require extensions. These adjustments will be subject to mutual agreement with the owner, ensuring flexibility and understanding in response to external challenges.

12. Deposit and Payment

  • To initiate the engagement, a deposit is required from the owner. This deposit is crucial in securing the commencement of work and is utilized to cover the initial outlay for materials and labor costs. This financial commitment serves as a testament to the owner’s intent to proceed.
  • It is expressly understood that all deposits made to Nice Guy Concrete are non-refundable. The act of depositing these funds signifies the owner’s unambiguous commitment to engage in the project and acknowledges the preparatory steps undertaken by Nice Guy Concrete in reliance on this commitment.

13. Responsibilities and Obligations

  • Contractor (Nice Guy Concrete): Our responsibilities encompass providing all necessary labor, tools, and materials essential for the execution of the project. We strictly adhere to the safety regulations and laws of Ontario. Additionally, we undertake the responsibility of obtaining all necessary permits for the work. Upon completion, we guarantee the cleanliness and orderliness of the site.
  • Owner: The owner is obliged to ensure unhindered access to the work site and provide essential utilities such as water and electricity. Moreover, the owner is responsible for the financial coverage of costs related to the acquisition of permits and licenses. The owner must also prepare the site in accordance with the specific guidelines laid out by Nice Guy Concrete, which is pivotal for the smooth execution of the project.

14. Insurance and Warranty

  • The owner is mandated to maintain comprehensive property insurance for the entire duration of the project and the work undertaken by Nice Guy Concrete. This insurance should adequately cover all potential risks associated with the construction process.
  • Nice Guy Concrete offers a limited warranty of 1 year, which is designed to cover specific types of damages that could arise from our work. This warranty, however, excludes general wear and tear, weathering, misuse, accidental damage, structural changes, and other external factors beyond our control. It is the owner’s responsibility to understand these exclusions.
  • Inherent characteristics of concrete, such as cracks or cracking, are not covered under this warranty. We recognize that concrete is a material that may display such features over time, which are often the result of environmental factors, settling, thermal dynamics, and the natural curing process. Should such conditions arise, Nice Guy Concrete offers crack repair services, available to the owner at an additional cost.

15. Crack Disclaimer

  • Concrete as a material is inherently susceptible to cracking over time, a phenomenon that can result from various natural factors. These include the settling of the ground beneath the concrete, variations in climate, thermal expansion and contraction, as well as the inherent properties of the concrete curing process. It is important for the owner to understand that such cracking is a normal occurrence and does not necessarily indicate defective materials or poor workmanship.
  • As such, Nice Guy Concrete disclaims liability for any cracks that manifest in the concrete post-completion of the project. This disclaimer extends to both minor, hairline cracks that are often barely noticeable, as well as larger cracks that might appear due to environmental and structural factors beyond our control. It is the responsibility of the owner to understand that while Nice Guy Concrete employs best practices and quality materials to minimize the occurrence of cracking, the complete prevention of such natural concrete behavior is not within the realm of possibility.

16. Owner Acknowledgement

  • The owner acknowledges and accepts the inherent risks associated with concrete surfaces. This includes the recognition that concrete surfaces, particularly those that are stamped or treated in certain ways, may present increased slipperiness under various conditions. This is a natural characteristic of concrete surfaces, and the owner’s awareness and acceptance of this risk are crucial.

17. Salt Use and Damage Disclaimer

  • In areas where salt or chemical deicers are commonly used during winter months, it is important for the owner to understand that the application of these substances on concrete surfaces can lead to significant deterioration and damage. This includes, but is not limited to, surface discoloration, increased wear, and the potential for accelerated degradation of the concrete. Such damage is often exacerbated when salt and chemical deicers are transferred onto driveways and walkways from the wheels of vehicles or through direct application for ice melting purposes.
  • It is expressly stated that any damage to the concrete surface resulting from the use of salt or chemical deicers, whether this occurs through direct application or indirect transfer, falls outside the scope of the warranty provided by Nice Guy Concrete. The responsibility for such damages lies solely with the owner. In recognizing this, the owner assumes full accountability for any necessary repairs or maintenance that may arise as a result of using these substances on the concrete surface.

18. Snowblower Damage Disclaimer

  • The use of snowblowers and other mechanical equipment for snow removal on concrete surfaces carries with it the inherent risk of causing physical damage to the surface. This can include, but is not limited to, chipping, scratching, or other forms of surface impairment that might occur as a result of the mechanical action of these devices.
  • Nice Guy Concrete explicitly states that any damage to the concrete surface resulting from the use of snowblowers or similar mechanical snow removal equipment is not covered under the provided warranty. The responsibility for such damage, and any associated repair or maintenance costs, is solely that of the owner. It is imperative for the owner to ensure that snow removal is conducted in a manner that is considerate of the integrity of the concrete surface to avoid such damages.

19. Limitation of Liability

  • In the course of conducting business, Nice Guy Concrete adheres to a policy of limited liability. This means that our liability for damages, whether direct or indirect, that might arise in the context of our work is restricted to a specific monetary value. This value is predetermined and is either equivalent to the total contract value or another specified amount. This limitation is in alignment with the laws and regulations of Ontario and serves to protect our business from extensive financial liability.
  • This limitation of liability encompasses all forms of damages that the owner might seek to claim, including, but not limited to, direct damages that are immediately attributable to the work performed, as well as indirect or incidental damages that might arise as a consequence of the work. This includes any consequential damages that might be claimed as a result of the project, ensuring that Nice Guy Concrete’s exposure to financial risk is kept within manageable and legally compliant bounds.

20. Indemnification Clause

  • As part of the agreement between Nice Guy Concrete and the owner, an indemnification clause is included to provide legal and financial protection to Nice Guy Concrete. This clause stipulates that the owner agrees to indemnify, or compensate, Nice Guy Concrete for any claims, damages, or losses that might arise as a result of the owner’s negligence or failure to adhere to the terms of this agreement.
  • Indemnification is a key component of this agreement as it ensures that Nice Guy Concrete is not held financially responsible for issues or damages that are the result of actions or in actions by the owner. This includes, but is not limited to, situations where the owner has failed to provide the necessary access or utilities as stipulated, or where the owner’s negligence leads to damage or loss. The indemnification clause serves as a safeguard, ensuring that Nice Guy Concrete is protected from bearing the financial burden of such circumstances.

21. Dispute Resolution

  • In any business engagement, the potential for disputes exists, and it is in the interest of both Nice Guy Concrete and the owner to have a clear and fair mechanism for resolving such disputes. As such, this agreement includes a dispute resolution clause, which outlines the steps and processes to be followed in the event of a disagreement or conflict arising from this contractual relationship.
  • The primary method of dispute resolution agreed upon in this clause is through mediation or arbitration. These forms of dispute resolution are often more expedient and cost-effective than traditional legal proceedings and provide a means for both parties to come to a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediation involves the assistance of a neutral third party who helps facilitate discussion and negotiation, while arbitration involves presenting the dispute to an arbitrator whose decision is usually binding.
  • It is agreed that any disputes arising from this agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of Ontario. This means that any mediation or arbitration processes will be conducted in accordance with the laws and legal standards of Ontario. This jurisdictional stipulation is important for ensuring that both parties are clear on the legal framework within which any disputes will be resolved.

23. Force Majeure

  • The term “Force Majeure” refers to extraordinary events or circumstances that are beyond the control of either party involved in this agreement and which prevent one or both parties from fulfilling their contractual obligations. Common examples of such events include natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes, as well as other unforeseeable occurrences such as wars, strikes, or governmental actions.
  • In the context of this agreement, a Force Majeure clause is included to acknowledge that there may be instances where either Nice Guy Concrete or the owner is unable to perform their respective duties due to such unforeseen and uncontrollable events. This clause provides a legal and contractual recognition of these exceptional circumstances and stipulates that neither party will be held liable for any failure.

    24. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    • Nice Guy Concrete commits to adhering strictly to all relevant legal requirements and regulatory standards. This adherence encompasses local bylaws, provincial (Ontario) statutes, and federal regulations applicable to the construction and concrete industry. This commitment ensures that all aspects of the work, from safety protocols to environmental considerations, meet or exceed legal standards, providing peace of mind and legal security to all parties involved.

    25. Termination Clause

    • Termination by Contractor (Nice Guy Concrete): The contractor maintains the unequivocal right to terminate the contract under specific conditions, including but not limited to instances of non-payment, restricted site access, or significant alterations to the project scope without a formal written agreement. In these events, Nice Guy Concrete is entitled to comprehensive compensation covering all work completed to date, full reimbursement for materials and incurred expenses, and an additional reasonable termination fee to offset any administrative costs and potential lost business opportunities.
    • Termination by Owner: The owner’s right to terminate the contract is constrained and permissible only under exceptional and unforeseen circumstances. This termination requires a minimum 30-day advance written notice. Following such termination, the owner is obligated to compensate Nice Guy Concrete for all work executed up until termination, cover all non-refundable expenses incurred, and provide compensation for any anticipated profit loss.

    26. Warranty Specification

    • Warranty claims, to be eligible for consideration, must be formalized through written communication within a clearly defined period immediately following the discovery of any pertinent issues. This process ensures timely and efficient handling of any warranty-related matters, with Nice Guy Concrete committed to addressing valid concerns in accordance with the specified warranty terms.

    27. Amendment Clause

    • Any amendments, alterations, or modifications to this contract will be recognized as legally binding only if they are executed in written form and duly signed by both contractual parties. This clause underlines the importance of formal documentation and negates the validity of any verbal agreements or informal understandings that are not explicitly captured within the formal written contract framework.

    28. Entire Agreement Clause

    • This document embodies the totality of the agreement between Nice Guy Concrete and the owner, effectively superseding and nullifying all prior negotiations, discussions, and informal agreements. This comprehensive agreement forms the definitive basis for the contractual relationship, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding of all terms and conditions.

    Final Acknowledgement

    • In proceeding with this agreement, the owner acknowledges full acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions outlined herein. This includes an understanding and acceptance of the limitations of the warranty provided by Nice Guy Concrete and a recognition of the inherent characteristics and potential variability of concrete work as executed by the contractor.