Crystal Clear-A: Advanced UV-Resistant Concrete Sealer


Crystal Clear-A: Superior Siliconized Acrylic Concrete Sealer. Enhance and protect your concrete surfaces with Crystal Clear-A’s advanced, UV-resistant formula. This sealer deepens colors, maintains a high gloss finish, and combats efflorescence. Resistant to stains, dust, salt, and water damage, Crystal Clear-A is the ideal solution for long-lasting concrete protection.

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Introducing Crystal Clear-A: The Ultimate Siliconized Acrylic Concrete Sealer. This advanced formula provides a chemically bonded, siliconized acrylic film that not only deepens the hue but significantly enhances the appearance of both pigmented and decorative concrete surfaces. Uniquely engineered to offer unparalleled resistance to discoloration from UV light exposure, Crystal Clear-A maintains its lustrous high gloss finish far longer than conventional concrete sealers.

Designed for durability and longevity, Crystal Clear-A effectively combats efflorescence, ensuring your concrete surfaces remain pristine. Its robust composition is resistant to oil, grease, and food stains, providing an immaculate finish ideal for a variety of settings. Furthermore, Crystal Clear-A is an excellent solution for eliminating concrete dusting, a common issue with untreated surfaces.

Beyond aesthetics, Crystal Clear-A plays a critical role in protecting your concrete against the damaging effects of salt and water penetration, extending the life and preserving the integrity of your concrete surfaces. Opt for Crystal Clear-A for a superior seal and enhanced protection for your concrete installations.

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